Customizing content in a regulated industry.

Kaylie Stansfield, Head of Marketing Americas, tells how Tag worked with Air Wick during COVID-19 lock down to adapt existing master assets for a product launch in Mexico.

One of the things COVID-19 reminded marketers is that nothing is ever certain. Product launches and ad campaigns can be cancelled at a moment’s notice, and unexpected shifts in consumer behavior can mean messaging and images become irrelevant overnight.

Brand marketers must often react quickly to deliver new advertising content on a tight timeline or budget. When a reshoot is out of the question, adapting existing ads can be a simple and agile solution.

Here’s a great example of how we helped one of our CPG clients overcome COVID-19 stay-at-home restrictions that prevented them from shooting new materials.

Air Wick wanted to promote a new fragrance to the Mexico market. They had existing master assets for their jasmine and rose scented product and needed to create a new campaign for their lavender and orange blossom product.

Taking their 30-second television commercial, produced for an English-speaking market, we rewrote the script, translated it, and culturally adapted it to suit their Spanish-speaking audience in Mexico — reflecting the clients’ desire to make customers feel as though the Air Wick product could bring the comfort of nature into the home, through scent.

We then took the original footage, updated it with stock imagery, added 3D animation and recorded the new voice over to create a brand-new TVC as the master asset, amplifying it further with digital assets for Instagram, Amazon and Walmart.

The client received their new advertising materials within days and the campaign was in market almost immediately after. Not only was it a quick turnaround for the client, they were able to create a fresh, new look without an expensive and time-consuming reshoot.


At Tag, we are experts in creative production. We work with brands and agencies to help marketers stretch their “big idea” across markets and regions, formats and delivery channels, making sure the right content reaches the right audience, with speed and agility.