Pharma marketing: How to increase MLR approval rates.

In this video Kaylie Stansfield, Head of Marketing Americas, tells how a global pharmaceutical client significantly increased MLR pass rates by partnering with Tag’s Regulatory Center of Excellence.


One of the things Tag does really well is we help our pharmaceutical clients increase regulatory approval percentages. We’re consistently at over 90% pass rates which, as pharma marketers know, is a great score.

To give you an example, one of our global pharmaceutical clients came to us recently with a pretty significant challenge. They were using internal and external resources for their MLR review process, but some of those resources didn’t have the expertise to provide appropriate advice on regulatory matters, legal issues, or medical affairs.

It was very clear to them that they were wasting time and money on fixing errors and, most importantly, were slow to market.

The first thing we did to fix this was to implement people and processes with our proprietary Regulatory Center of Excellence. The team includes quality control experts, medical editors, creative and compliance experts – who are all highly proficient in the MLR review process and very hands-on.

They’re involved in the process from ideation to final approval, and they’re quick.

The result for the client was they now own an approval process is 4 times faster than before, and they have greater control over costs and speed to market.

The client loves it because their teams can get on with projects that need more strategic focus to positively impact patient outcomes, while our team takes care of the intricate tactics.

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