Transforming powerful ideas into visual reality.

Tag puts the motion into emotion. We help clients transform creative thought into visual reality, with full-service production capabilities informed by award-winning specialists in each discipline.

photo of Courtney Barasch

“Content creation is a team effort. We bring together the best talent to produce brilliant work.”

Courtney Barasch
Senior Producer, Taylor James
New York

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Live action/Shoot Management
End-to-end production, with a global pool of directors, both tried-and-tested and up-and-coming, to find the right talent to make your content shine, seamlessly in any market. 

Our world class network of colourists, CGI artists, sound designers and compositors work frame-by-frame to achieve a flawless finished product. Moving image, stills, or anything in between, our global studios deliver unfaltering creative work at speed.

We take a consultative approach to photography, delivering imagery that can be used multiple times, adapted across channels and for future campaigns: art buying, stills shoot production, re-touching and the supply of all artwork and key visuals.

Audio: Sound Design
The slightest sound can dramatically change the way we perceive things and award momentum to visual ideas. With limited time to tell a story, our sound designers will get you there.

Audio: Music Composition
Today’s brands need to be heard, as well as seen. We create custom music and soundscapes for any scene and sector, marrying audio and visual techniques to create an immersive experience.

Voice Over
We make sure your spoken words hit the right note – from identifying the right talent with our global network of voice over artists, to in-house production capabilities that deliver a seamless end-to-end experience for casting, securing, recording, and editing audio.