Manage buying better.

Our global technology platform gives you the tools you need to manage your purchasing processes, regardless of market or volume. Our buying experts provide 24-hour support to ensure we achieve the best results for your campaign.

Technology-driven transactions
Our buying performance is underpinned by our fully transparent global technology platform, enabling visibility at every stage of the transaction – from initial bidding, through inventory holding, all the way to end-of-life and recycling. We build efficiencies throughout the process, with constant benchmarking and immediate feedback to ensure every point in the transactional journey is both tracked and reportable, allowing us to deliver continual innovation in both product and process.


Global buying teams
Our category-specific buying teams across the globe provide 24-hour support in all markets and languages. Through our diverse supplier panel, we deliver local-market culture engagement to ensure your campaigns resonate with your audiences across the globe. Our specialist teams ensure that we apply a deep level of intelligence to all buying activity, challenging specifications and value engineering with a focus on both innovation and continual value delivery.