Direct-to-consumer shoe brand


A female led, sustainably focused, direct-to-consumer shoe brand continues to achieve measurable success in US markets, anchoring on the message of female empowerment, comfort, and sustainability. The brand looks to scale internationally, with the goal of reaching 6 international markets in 2020. Their brand message tracks well in US markets but what happens when the brand tries to reach the U.K. Germany, Italy, or Australia? Can they stay true to their brand message and expand?


For many direct-to-consumer brands, the message is just as (if not more) important than the product or service. The brand has successfully communicated and captivated a loyal and growing customer base that appreciates both the message and the product. The brand is ready to reach new markets but they do not have the internal marketing resources to test their messaging across different cultures and regions. Without this information, they run the risk of misinterpreted messaging and failed expansion.


Our cultural consultation experts reviewed the brands existing collateral, tone of voice, key themes and CSR initiatives to see how they would resonate in target international markets.  We found, for example, that reducing hyperbole for the United Kingdom allowed the brand to better speak to their audience, and advised on the heritage of shoe making in Italy, pointing out the inherent tie between leather and quality. Our transcreation experts adapted messaging to best reach the target market and audience, playing on strengths that speak to the very specific region, location and demographic and fine tuning existing content and copy to fit and be reused. The result is a seamless global expansion into new markets, captivating consumers with the right communication in each region.

"This brand engaged us at exactly the right time – during the planning phase for expansion. Our process allowed for a more controlled roll out to mitigate risk and unwanted surprises for the brand."

Lynnie Strother Palancar