Direct-to-consumer wellness brand


A rapidly expanding direct-to-consumer wellness brand has an aggressive plan to launch in 21 new markets across the globe within 12 months. The company has successfully launched in three priority markets. Consumer awareness is driven by multichannel, with a strong data engine to determine what resonates with the customer at varying stages of the buyer journey. While most transaction are e-commerce, the brand also has physical storefronts, to provide access to more traditional buyers. (making healthcare accessible to everyone).


The brand maintained full control of content creation and production by relying strictly on their trusted in-house marketing team to carry out data driven marketing efforts. They believed that full “ownership” of creative ideation was instrumental to successful customer engagement. However, they did not have the internal resources to own both creative direction and content production at scale, with localized messaging globally. Because they play in the wellness space, they needed to find a marketing production partner with expertise in regulated industries, access to localized in-region experts and the ability to produce creative assets at scale. The company engaged in a competitive RFP to benchmark current process and find a production partner that can deliver with quality, scale, speed and agility, while upholding the creative integrity of the brand’s internal marketing team.


Tag was selected as the marketing production partner to create and deliver digital and print content at scale, globally. We developed a swift and agile global transcreation and marketing production solution to support expansion and work alongside the client to maintain creative integrity. Our solution includes a Tag on-site production engine that works daily with the brands internal marketing team, allowing the client to keep ownership of the big idea while we carry out production. We enlisted our regional in-market translation and transcreation teams to produce content with cultural awareness, against regulated requirements in native languages. We implemented a global production team to carry out digital and print production needs, with speed and accuracy. Our solution gives the client the ability to expand quickly, with the right messaging across regions, without giving up ownership of creative and with the same internal agility to recreate messaging based on data and feedback.

"D2C brands benefit from a marketing production partner, like Tag, coming in on the ground floor. They don't have to restructure current process; instead we implement the right systems from the start, running full speed ahead with best practices already in place."

Ajit Kara, CEO Tag Americas