How Tag helped Heineken adapt to global cultures with transcreation


Enabling 250 Heineken brands to relate to a global audience on a local level through enhanced creative production services.

Heineken, a leading global beverage brand based in the Netherlands, with distribution and sales around the world, is successfully distributing products globally. To continue to support growth and global reach, they must adapt their marketing creative to be relatable in different regions. Without the deep understanding of each regional market and the seamless ability to adapt creative to match the targeted demographic within the regions, they will not deliver marketing creative that resonates at the local level.


The client needed to leverage creative from each campaign and translate this across regions with a global message but a local appeal. In addition, they had to find a way to better monitor the thousands of moving pieces in their creative process while stretching big idea concepts across the globe. With multiple brands and campaigns, how do they monitor the process to insure brand compliance, speed to market and the right message to the right audience, each and every time?


With deep rooted experience in post-production, we became the brand’s creative production partner. We enlisted our team of global adaptation experts to translate each creative campaign into a targeted regional push. We developed a robust integrated technology platform to manage global marketing campaigns and assets for each brand, in each region. We also built a creative production platform to align global broadcast and digital post production capabilities, allowing each campaign to engage customers with a compelling and targeted creative message. To continue to support the brand, as well as 250 umbrella brands as a creative partner, we opened an office in Amsterdam, near Heineken’s global center of commerce.