Print production process enhancement for a top financial planner


A specialized financial planning institution with a strong focus on retirement services, insurance and investment management was overspending on marketing through insufficient process management. Management was tasked with reducing their obsolescent print spend and showing measurable savings. They partnered with Tag to review the company’s entire print spend, procurement process and to implement a change management system.


The client’s print supply chain was disjointed, interrupted and inefficient. Print management was handled in-house, using an outdated system that required manual operation, leaving room for error and overspend. The client relied on a panel of print vendors that were not optimally matched to meet the specifications of each job, causing the client to spend extra time and money to get the job done correctly.


We worked hand-in-hand with the client to conduct an opportunity assessment across the company’s entire print supply chain. We identified inefficiencies in the print production process, specifically in categorizing print vendors and developed a tailored solution. We stationed a team of our print management experts on-site to run the client’s in-house print facility and manage end-to-end print spend. We leveraged our network of print vendors to ensure the right printer was used for the right job, every time. This helped significantly reduce overspend and print errors. We helped our client transition from assessment to implementation in just three weeks, in time to meet the demands of their IPO.

"The right printer for the right job, each time, reducing overspend and printing errors."