Successful first entry advantage in pharma


A leading pharmaceutical company faced a challenge in producing integrated marketing material across print and digital channels. Their goal was to develop content which appealed to their audience spanning patients, healthcare providers and field sales, both locally and globally. They knew that the regulatory approval process was slowing down their time to market but had no obvious ways of improving it. In the medical industry the race for first-entry advantage is competitive and critical for success.


Navigating the intricate regulatory approval process with multiple campaigns and marketing materials across regions is a complex and timely task, with the potential of slowing down the launch of new medicines. The client wanted to identify a way to avoid regulatory delays and create marketing content that reached both patient and provider, with easy to access to data in-real time.


To streamline marketing production and creative service efforts, Tag established a creative production team within the pharmaceutical company’s headquarters to produce the creative and manage production of print and digital marketing materials, globally and regionally. The creative production team developed a fully integrated digital platform to include applications, websites and trigger emails for healthcare professionals and field sales.

We also addressed the importance of navigating the regulatory compliance approval process by introducing a team of regulatory compliance experts to help create and oversee a detailed internal regulatory management system.

"Navigating the intricate regulatory approval process in a timely, efficient and successful manner, to educate patients in need."