4 ways to stand out during Black Friday 2021

Black Friday has evolved beyond the 24-hour in-store sales frenzy it once was, with many brands using the date to mark the beginning of their wider holiday sales period. With 49% of consumers globally claiming to shop online more now than they did pre COVID-19, brands who want to stand out amongst the retail noise this Black Friday must ensure their eCommerce stores are set up to provide customers with the best customer experience.

Read on for our 4 quick tips for Black Friday success in 2021:

1. Remove friction from the buying process

With so many brands competing for customer attention during the Black Friday period, and many with virtually identical offers, it’s vital that brands make their online shopping experiences as frictionless as possible to mitigate customer attrition throughout the buying journey. As well as having fast, functional online shopfronts, brands may also consider offering a variety of payment and shipping options to suit varying customer needs, while also making use of retargeting tools with cart abandonment messaging to ensure their brand remains top-of-mind as consumers shop around for the best deals.

2. Switch up your offering

Despite retailers’ best intentions, Black Friday has become synonymous with consumerism, which has led to some shoppers and brands alike abstaining from getting involved in the Black Friday sales season at all. If your brand is considering how it can participate in the Black Friday festivities while alleviating consumers’ social and environmental concerns, why not look to the earlier Singles’ Day shopping festival for inspiration? Many brands offered exclusive or limited-edition items, special collaborations, such as offering consumers an NFT with a purchase of a physical item, or new ways to shop such as social media livestreams, rather than solely discounting prices.

3. Use UGC to convince indecisive shoppers

User-generated content can be a powerful purchase trigger for brands. As customers are faced with overwhelming choice this Black Friday, integrating UGC in the form of reviews or social posts can help shift customers along the buying journey faster. Incorporating real-life customer feedback will help provide shoppers with more information from a trustworthy source (i.e. not direct from the brand) to help them decide whether a certain brand/product is right for them. Online product pages, EDMs and social media are all great ways to showcase UGC in a way that will help speed up the customer decision-making process.

4. Be transparent with delivery expectations

Around 28% of shoppers reportedly use the Black Friday sales period as an opportunity to purchase gifts for the upcoming holiday season. This year, as we face a global shipping crisis, Black Friday will place an even greater burden on our supply chains, making it difficult to guarantee delivery in a set timeframe. Brands must ensure they are fully aware of the supply chain influences that will affect their customer experience, both locally and globally, and should be transparent about this to their customers. For instance, providing accurate cut-off dates for pre-Christmas delivery will ensure your customers aren’t caught out – which, while out of your hands, could lead to a higher customer attrition rate or waning loyalty.