Content studios: Delivering impactful and intelligent multichannel content

We all know that the demands for impactful, quality content have never been higher. But the traditional segmented approach to content creation by channel is well and truly a relic of the past. Today, it’s all about experience – specifically, customer and brand experience at every touchpoint. This has given rise to a growing need for brands to develop content at speed and scale. With the modern marketing ecosystem having so many moving parts, marketers are faced with the common challenge of retaining control over their marketing while remaining agile and responsive in their content creation.

For marketers seeking to address this challenge, content studios provide a valuable new way of working for brands seeking to create better content, faster.


What is a content studio?

A content studio works alongside brands and agencies, supporting brand ambitions by building the most effective and efficient marketing ecosystem, one that eliminates wastage and unlocks investment for future growth. Effective content studios unify creative talent with brand objectives to produce content that is more impactful, more effective and more efficient, adapting across channels and touchpoints to deliver cohesive, unified and relevant messages to consumers.


How does a content studio differ from a production house?

  • Integrated, not ad-hoc: Rather than work on a brief-by-brief basis, a studio team is involved earlier in the process, working with your marketing team to develop a clear vision for your content creation needs and how these feed into your marketing goals.
  • Creative content production: While production houses execute your creative ideas, content studios bring creativity back to the process. Your content studio team should be able to advise you on creative direction and strategic planning to elevate your content to the next level.
  • Insight-driven content creation: While a production agency’s relationship can come to an end once a project is live, a content studio will track, measure and analyse performance, using these insights to inform future creative conceptualization and content strategy for a truly closed-loop approach.


What are the benefits of having a content studio?

  • Right capability in the right location: Often located on-site, your dedicated content studio should act as an extension of your own department, with the specific creative know-how that will help you produce more intelligent, more impactful content at scale.
  • User-friendly, streamlined process: Content studios aim to remove friction from the traditional client-agency relationship, alleviating many of the marketer’s pain points by working in partnership with the marketing team across the entire creative and production process.
  • Underpinned with intuitive tech: Briefing, approval and campaign review processes should all be simplified when engaging the help of a content studio. Purpose-built technology can weave throughout this process to streamline content delivery and reduce time spent on admin tasks.
  • Fast and flexible: A content studio can grow and flex as your marketing plans change. Unlike your in-house teams, content studios have the resource and capability to scale up or down depending on campaign requirements, so you’ll never be caught short.
  • Right person for the job: Working with a content studio affords brands access to the best and brightest specialised talent to execute their brand vision, working with subject matter experts from social to print to digital to ensure your brand’s content remains cutting-edge
  • Trusted brand guardians: Acting as an extension of your own business, your content studio team will know your brand inside out. As experts in your brand identity, you can trust that your brand integrity will remain protected in every piece of content you create.
  • True brand partner: Often located on-site or at least with client-dedicated teams, your content studio should work as an extension of your own marketing department, helping you deliver on your business objectives through the production of compelling content at scale.


At Tag, we continue to evolve our service model and find new ways to best support our clients, as evidenced by the launch of our CaST Studio in Shanghai, created in partnership with Publicis for GSK China. CaST (Creative at Scale Team) represents the next step in the reinvention of GSK’s end-to-end marketing ecosystem, with Tag and Publicis working closely with the brand to produce and amplify campaign content that is more relevant, more tailored and more personal, to drive better customer and brand experiences.