Designing stand out PR boxes

Thinking outside the box 

PR boxes have the ability to raise brand awareness, convey purpose, and reach new loyal customers. Influencers can share videos and photos with their audiences on their social channels, generating content for them, and exposure for you.  

PR boxes are often designed for new product launches to create a shareable brand experience for social audiences. Nothing demonstrates the value of PR boxes quite like the phenomenon of unboxing videos. Unlike many other internet trends that disappear as quickly as they appeared, unboxing videos are still being made today. From makeup to tech, PR boxes can be used across industries.  


The two key features of PR box packaging are durable materials, and an eye-catching innovative design. As a PR mainstay, influencers and key press are no longer wowed by basic product packaging. In order to get the boxes to their destination safely, as well as a feature on social media or a news outlet, packaging design is crucial.   

Tag was asked to design a discovery box to introduce Aveda to press, celebrities and influencers in China. Beauty PR can be seen as an activity that generates excessive waste, so we created a box that demonstrated Aveda’s ongoing commitment to sustainability while conveying a sense of wellness and the luxurious feel that the brand is known for. 

The box was made from FSC post-consumer recycled paper and incorporated live plants. The interior drawers were fitted with product moulds to ensure safe delivery and an attractive showcase display. We designed the box to be reused by recipients as storage in their homes once they have used the products, in order to maximise packaging lifetime where possible.  


Personalising PR boxes is imperative to building relationships between your brand and the recipients. In a crowded market, conveying brand personality is an important differentiator. A simple handwritten note is a common form of personalisation, but there are also examples of personalised interior packaging for smaller PR campaigns where you really want to wow someone.  

Personalising the products within the package is also an important consideration. Particularly in the beauty industry, influencers who are receiving large quantities of PR boxes regularly will appreciate being sent the right shades and product types for their skin type, rather than being sent 20 versions of the same product. This also helps to reduce product and material waste from your campaign. 


Results from our Aveda campaign were above and beyond what was expected. We generated significant impressions, engagement and media value, with influencers saying that it was the first PR box of its kind that they had received, and they were impressed by Aveda’s mission to be a clean beauty brand. 

Promotion aspects of PR boxes may include social media tags, affiliate codes, more information about your brand story. Anything you include will help the recipient to build content around your products and increase your chances of being featured.  

Associated product giveaways are another option for audience engagement and increasing brand interest. After experiencing the brand vicariously through social media, raise audience interest in actually trying your products for themselves. 

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