Enabling end-to-end marketing execution within one integrated technology platform. Streamlined. Empowered. Faster.

A Single Marketing Execution Platform

In today’s rapidly changing consumer landscape, marketers are under increasing pressure to do more, spend less, and ensure that their brands, products and ideas reach their market destinations faster.

Digital Interact (Di) helps marketers better manage campaigns, access, automate and optimize content, and seamlessly tap into Tag’s global creative production, sourcing and transcreation networks.

Technology is never one size fits all. Our platform is designed to adapt to you, with a technology ecosystem that is tailored to your unique business needs and which complements any existing MarTech or Financial systems or tools.

PLAN your campaign with Di Campaign
Omnichannel omnipotence

Plan, build, manage and track campaigns across all marketing executions.

Di Campaign reduces the effort required to manage your tasks and agency partners, and provides visibility throughout the life of your projects, giving marketers transparency on all campaign activity from start to finish.

DI campaign icon

MANAGE your assets with Di DAM
Giving your content a place it can call home

Taking control of your digital assets is one of the first steps to content optimization. Di DAM allows you to manage access and usage of all your assets, maintain brand consistency and automate the publishing and distribution process.

DRIVE commerce with Di Commerce
Smarter purchasing and order management

Showcase your product offerings through a customizable online marketing catalogue and product-browsing interface. Get visibility into pricing and discounts through automatically aggregated spend activity. Payment and tax integrations and multicurrency support streamline your purchasing processes and enable you to grow into any market.

PRODUCE creative content with Di Studio
The engine behind our Creative Production

Di Studio ensures your work can be produced anywhere, anytime with automated estimates, allowing fast and accurate pricing for approvals. Built in QC and proofing tools ensure quality and accuracy every time.

CREATE templated content with Di Automate
Amplify your content; maximize your reach

Save money and time by creating dynamic templates for self-serve adaptation. Get faster approvals by using preapproved content options and integrating to your business approvals. Quickly localize your ads for speedier market activation.

DI automate icon

OPTIMIZE content with Di Brand
Brand activation simplified

Di Brand helps amplify your campaign and brand messaging so teams can easily access your latest guidelines.

Localizable, customizable homepage, site navigation and content pages make accessing the latest version of your content guidelines easy with Comprehensive Version Control. Host searchable articles, events, FAQs and more through Integrated Knowledge Management.

ANALYSE marketing data with Di Insights
Turn your data into direction

This is a radical new way for clients to obtain insights about their marketing activities through interactive and advanced analytics. Visualize your data based on any set of criteria, bring separate data sets together through data integration, and interpret real-time data to drive faster decision making through BI and analytics.

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INTEGRATE your existing tech stack with Di Connect
Connect to your destination

Global Integrations Platform underpinning Di module connections and providing a foundation for integrations with clients and partners across the marketing life cycle.