Bringing creative ideas to fruition for a luxury auto brand


The client wanted to communicate the unparalleled performance of their sports cars to a highly-targeted audience, without sending them the keys to an actual car. They developed a “big” idea and needed a creative way to bring the idea to life, delivering it to their target audience of VIP clients.


The client wanted to create a direct mail delivery for luxury VIP clients to communicate the car’s acceleration capabilities. The creative concept included a sand hourglass that represented the exact acceleration time of the car. There was no hourglass in the market with these exact specifications and once created it needed an accompanying customized box to ensure the product was presented perfectly to the target list of VIPs.


Our team of sourcing and creative production experts found the ideal supplier to create a custom made hourglass, designed to match the client’s exact specifications. We then built a box crafted specifically to hold the hourglass, using high-end materials to maintain brand integrity. We built, tested, stored, fulfilled and delivered. Targeted recipients received the box with the message of speed and luxury.