Car-Go Realtime Configurator


A reported 88% of car buyers’ purchases begin online, with each buyer spending an average of nearly 14 hours online during their search. Today’s automotive marketing is driven by the need to create a seamless online to offline experience that takes the buyer from digital “research” to showroom floor, where the buyer will ultimately test drive the car and purchase the vehicle.


Automotive marketers are faced with two challenges:

  1. Creating a seamless multichannel marketing experience that takes the buyer from web to showroom floor, bridging the gap between online and offline.
  1. Keeping marketing assets current with the constant changes in car features, make, model, functionality and design, year-by-year. The level of re-work required in terms of both time and budget before materials launch is usually underestimated.


Car-Go Realtime*is a comprehensive programmatic solution that creates multiplatform assets for still, 360 animation, configurators and dealership experiences. The tool uses easy-to-update master assets, eliminating high-costs and time delays associated with re-works during product launches. Custom shaders are developed to represent car paints, plastics, leathers, chromes – complete interior and exterior features. Accessories and features can be added to the vehicle configuration as required and these are reflected in their real-time price configuration. Once the buyer configures his or her unique vehicle, a custom brochure is created and the buyer can share the car on social media channels.

*Developed by Taylor James, a Tag company, in partnership with RenderApp