Bringing Central Bank to life through CGI and live action


Central Bank combines cutting edge technology with local service to open up “a world of endless possibilities for their customers.” The bank wanted to create a new marketing campaign that communicated the story of historical success, strong roots in the banking industry and a promising future for both the institution and the customer. The brand’s agency of record, Woodruff Sweitzer, approached our creative production team to bring the story to life for the new campaign titled “Looking Glass.”


We were tasked with creating multiple assets including a 30-second TVC, print and digital materials to support the campaign. Most importantly the final visuals needed to form an authentic connection with the customer. The script called for lush green mid-western style landscapes but the shoot time was scheduled for the middle of winter.


We put forward a production solution for shooting as much as possible on location, using natural light to ensure the spot felt genuine and grounded in reality. We ran extensive location scouting and pre-visualizations to ensure this route was the best option to achieve the creative.  As timelines required us to shoot in the middle of winter, we chose a West Coast location and using CGI, we added visuals in post-production to make the scenery match the client’s vision. We maximized assets and creative by shooting still photography on top of the live action, which produced more assets, across delivery channels, efficiently using the budget while extending the reach of the campaign.