Shopper marketing for leading global toy manufacturer


A global toy creation and distribution company relies on in-store displays and point-of-sale marketing to bring products to life. The brand’s signature toys are in high demand in more than 33 markets around the world. They launch new products seasonally and wanted to improve creative displays while upholding global brand standards and appealing to more local markets.


The client needed point-of-sale marketing displays to be vibrant and engaging while consistently representing the global brand in quality and color. The company’s challenge was that production in local regional markets, with limited standardized control over print, color, quality and materials, led to inconsistency across brand and an overspend on printed items.


Through our people and technology, we worked with the client to improve workflow processes, brand consistency and quality. We became the single source for marketing procurement, reducing the risk of error and increasing brand compliance. We built an online catalogue for pre-approved, on-demand marketing materials which is available across every region of operation. Our sourcing experts revamped workflows by stationing dedicated marketing production teams in target markets to control point-of-sale quality and color. Our regional teams allow for greater scalability and adaptability of marketing materials and our processes delivered savings across the entire print spend.