Evolving the sales process for a leading beverage distributor


To increase national and regional sales of their spirit brands, a leading beverage distributor needed to enhance their sales presentation materials. With a remote salesforce dispersed across the globe, sales presentations for the company need to be easily updated and circulated remotely. The traditional process relied heavily on printed materials, making it difficult to deliver to the salesforce on time as the materials became quickly outdated once a new product launched.


The remote salesforce was responsible for driving revenue but did not have the tools needed to showcase the constantly evolving brand and product lines. The printed marketing process was costly and inefficient and sales presentations were not updated with new product details in a timely manner.


We created a digital trade presentation app to evolve the client’s sales process through visually compelling content. The introduction of an app rather than paper based materials meant that our solution could be used nationwide among their brands. The app makes it easy to integrate new product development instantly, as soon as a product enters the market. Product data and pricelists are displayed digitally with 2D, 3D and animated content which features movement and renderings of the products in bottle, carton and display packaging.