Revamping process management for Fortune 100 Financial Service business


A top fortune 100 financial services company faced the challenge of bringing multiple marketing materials to a varied audience of academic, research, medical, cultural and government field clients. They lacked the internal resources and asset management technology to get the right materials to the right audience on time, slowing down their potential for growth.


Inefficient use of company talent led to too many resources spent on non-core functions without significant results. With 70 marketing agencies involved, internal teams did not have the capacity to accurately monitor marketing production. There was little visibility into cost per job and a lack of brand control in the creative process. Assets were stored in over 40 different repositories, resulting in duplicated assets, outdated materials and an inefficient workflow.


We established a team of support staff located near the client’s HQ in New York to help provide greater internal resources and workflow management.  We also stationed our experienced account managers on-site in key client locations for hands-on management and support to improve marketing production and allow for a completely transparent process. Our technology systems allow the client and internal teams to manage assets and track work in real-time.

We reduced the number of agency partners from 70 to 40 and ensured a standardized process, by creating a more effective, efficient marketing production workflow.