3 ways to continue producing great content when you can’t get to the studio


Apr 03 2020

As the economic impacts of COVID-19 sweeps across the globe, consumers’ wallets have snapped shut and marketing budgets have all but dried up. Yet the global economic slowdown presents a unique opportunity for marketers to revisit their content marketing strategies.

Content marketing continues to provide an effective way for businesses to increase visibility and develop strong, lasting relationships with customers, and it’s one medium that marketers can (and should) continue to invest in when faced with a reduced budget. In today’s turbulent business environment, decision makers are now more than ever looking to thought leaders in their industries for guidance, inspiration or even reassurance that we are all facing similar challenges.

The importance of a great content marketing strategy cannot be understated, with HubSpot reporting that content marketing generates 3 times more leads than paid search advertising. Yet as businesses across the globe are increasingly moving towards remote working scenarios, with team members unable to access studio resources, your usual content creation avenues may be inaccessible. However, great content can still emerge in a remote-working environment – here’s how.

Influencers, KOL’s and user-generated content

For consumer-facing brands, user-generated content (UGC) can be one of your greatest assets. Not only do your customers do the legwork for you in terms of the photography and production of your content, but reposting images and descriptions that genuine consumers of your product have created can carry additional clout for your brand. The word-of-mouth association of consumers who are positively reviewing your brand and taking the time to post about it on their own social channels can have significant impact on brand loyalty and help achieve cut-through in a cluttered social media environment.

If user-generated content is right for your brand, you should also be considering the use of social media influencers and use of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Positive reviews from an influencer will provide similar benefits to UGC in terms of brand loyalty, as well as being able to reach a wider audience. Influencers have often built highly trusted relationships with their audiences, so product recommendations from an influencer, whether sponsored or not, will often cause brand awareness, consideration and purchase intent amongst their audience group to rise. However, it’s important to ensure that any influencers your brand works with are the right fit – take the time to carefully understand engagement, demographic breakdown and general brand alignment, rather than solely considering audience numbers.

Go 100% digital with CGI

Creating high-quality video content without being able to access studio resources certainly poses a challenge, but it is possible. Technological developments in the areas of CGI and post-production have allowed for videos and photos to be created entirely digitally, while still maintaining the realism of a physical shoot.

While the overarching benefit of CGI content in the current environment is its ability to be created remotely, there are several other advantages you may not have considered. CGI tends to be cost effective, when considering its potential for reuse as well as the expenses incurred in a traditional shoot. CGI also enables seamless content delivery across multiple media channels, so your content can be easily modified to run on any medium necessary without having to be re-shot, ensuring your campaign has a uniform look and feel when running across different mediums. Finally, use of CGI can improve speed to market, ensuring your brand can be reactive and agile when delivering campaigns. As you do not have to have the final product to hand when creating CGI content, your CGI image and videos can be ready as soon as your product is ready to go to market.

Rely on words, not visuals

Written content can be produced easily, quickly and with minimal budgets. Content marketing allows you to be agile and relevant to your consumers, discussing the topics that are at the forefront of their mind at this minute, and will help position your brand as a leader within the industry. Leaning on the subject matter experts within your business to write content directly for your consumers can build a level of trust with your customer base, or if you don’t have the resources to produce content, repurpose and repost third-party content to your owned channels.

The key to a successful content marketing strategy involves a deep understanding of what issues are at the forefront of your consumers’ minds in that moment. Social listening can be an extremely useful tool to use to get to know your customers better. Understanding not only the topics and issues they are talking about and engaging with but also their sentiment towards such topics, as it allows you to position your content in a way that mirrors the issues that matter most to your consumers.

At Tag, we work closely to enable our clients to produce meaningful content that builds brand loyalty, raises awareness and increases consideration amongst consumers, backed by the knowledge of our global team of marketing experts. In collaboration with Smoke & Mirrors, Taylor James and THP (Tag companies) we can provide full-service video production services including animation, VFX and CGI, as well as end-to-end social media production capabilities including social listening, social media management and social content production.

Reach out to us if you’d like to discuss your changing marketing needs during this time.

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