Financial services marketing: Becoming digital first


Aug 11 2020

In this video, Kaylie Stansfield, Head of Marketing Americas, tells how Tag helped a financial services client shift from traditional to digital through content amplification.


Financial services marketers are shifting focus, and budgets, from traditional marketing to digital to be more “accessible” to their customers. Here’s a great example.

One of our retail banking clients asked us to work with their internal marketing team and agency of record to create a television commercial for a new campaign. Their goal was to communicate a story of historical success and strong roots in the industry, while adding a fresh, contemporary perspective to attract to a new customer demographic.

Tag’s role was to take their big idea and bring it to life. To completely transform their traditional marketing approach.

We were able to do that and more. Once we completed the live action, on-location shoot and enhanced it with CGI to create the master asset, we were then able to amplify it across multiple channels. From that single shoot we created a 30-second TVC, print materials, digital assets, updates to the bank’s website, billboards and direct mail.

By doing all that, we helped them achieve their strategic business goal by combining traditional with digital, while staying within the original budget, giving them the tools to expand their brand reach and engagement with new customers. And we loved creating a new approach for them.

Tag is the global creative production and sourcing partner to brands and agencies. We help financial services marketers engage and empower their customers by executing creative ideas to produce more content across more channels, faster and within budget.

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