Centralizing advertising production for effective campaign execution

Mar 25 2019

With greater focus on control and cost efficiencies in the advertising production process, more advertisers are looking to a centralized production plan.

Technology has advanced to a point where global asset management, online approvals, electronic ordering, real-time cost/workflow tracking and reporting has made centralized production a viable and effective way to ensure global brand standards.

It has allowed businesses to maximize efficiencies, reduce costs, improve reporting data and open up the field of creative resources for their brands.

A centralized process can also positively impact your speed-to-market. This is increasingly important in global markets which are becoming more competitive and where rapid responses to market trends are key to the success of a campaign or product launch.

This capability also allows industry experts to manage the distribution of files to the media, so that time to market can increase dramatically, whilst still maintaining global brand consistency.

Centralized processes may not be for everyone

Deciding if it is right for your business depends on many factors. Points to consider include:

  • Do you have trouble managing multiple brands across multiple agencies?
  • Are you lacking detailed cost reporting in the advertising/marketing value chain?
  • Does your company have initiatives to increase global brand consistency?
  • Is forecasting and budgeting made difficult due to lack of cost visibility on current spend
  • Are you tasked with increasing revenue without a proportionate increase in marketing and advertising spend?

What are the key drivers for a successful centralized process?

Adoption is a relatively simple modification of your existing approach, however, the degree of success of the program relies on a proactive management structure within your organization.

It is also imperative that there is an internal stakeholder to act as the owner and manager of the daily process. This person should hold regular meetings with the production partners and agencies to identify areas for improvement and to reinforce the client’s intent.

Additionally, standardized production timelines and workflows must be designed and honored to keep everyone accountable and doing their part. Value must be demonstrated to all internal members of the process.

Lastly, brand managers, marketing managers, product managers, procurement managers and agency partners should all be kept aware of the savings and process improvements to see the value a centralized process can deliver.

Centralized production is a collaborative platform for your organization

It is vital in order to engage in the direct procurement of the commodity services that already exist in marketing.

It allows all partners in the marketing process to concentrate on their core competencies.
If you do decide to implement centralized production in your business, you can enjoy many benefits, including spend reduction, increased visibility, increased brand consistency, better reporting and increased speed-to-market.

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