Customizing content in a regulated industry


Sep 29 2020

Kaylie Stansfield, Head of Marketing Americas, shares how Tag worked with an insurance client to produce personalized content that was on brand, and compliant.


For marketers who support a salesforce or manage brand communications across multiple business units, one of the biggest challenges is controlling what happens to sales and marketing materials once they’ve been distributed across the organization. Well-meaning colleagues who rewrite content to personalize the message, without approval from the marketing team, often breach brand standards through the misuse of language, logos and images.

This can be a big problem for companies in regulated industries where compliance is a must. And of course there is the issue of misrepresenting the brand and confusing the customer.

Here’s an example of how we helped one of our insurance clients overcome this obstacle.

The client’s team of sales agents wanted to create a personalized approach to selling through customizing video content, without continuous and time-consuming input from the marketing team. The priority for the marketing team was to create a system that was easy-to-use, repeatable and compliant.

Our first step was to create a modular script, meaning, snippets of content that could be combined to create the right story for each target customer. For compliance purposes, the script was approved by the client’s marketing and legal teams.

Next, the sales agents created their personalized scripts using the modular system and then learned each of their scripts verbatim to present to camera. We filmed the agents, edited the content and returned the final reels for them to store in their DAM system, ready to use on demand.

The sales agents love this solution because they were able to create the right message for each customer conversation. The marketing team loves it because their compliance risk is significantly reduced, and they made a measurable contribution to achieving the company’s revenue goals.

Tag is the global creative production and sourcing partner to brands and agencies. We help financial services marketers engage and empower their customers by executing creative ideas to produce more content across more channels, faster and within budget.

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