Financial services marketers: Are you wasting marketing budget?


Aug 25 2020

In this video, Kaylie Stansfield, Head of Marketing Americas, tells how Tag helped a financial services client uncover significant savings for their marketing organization.


Budget season, mergers, change of management, IPOs are all great examples of when our financial services clients look to Tag for help. Usually it’s because they’re looking for innovative ways of becoming more efficient with limited budget and resources.

Here’s a great example.

We have a long-standing partnership with a leading provider of financial planning and retirement services which started when the client was preparing for an IPO, which meant they needed to uncover significant savings.

Our first step was to complete an opportunity assessment in which we reviewed their complete print spend, marketing vendors and workflow. It was our recommendations to revamp their marketing production process – from vendors to workflows to talent – that resulted in the client saving more than $18M US dollars over the course of the initial contract.

As a career marketer, I know how challenging budget conversations can be. What I think other marketers, our clients, appreciate most about Tag is being able to work closely with an end-to-end creative production and sourcing partner to create new ideas and better ways of working.

Tag is the global creative production and sourcing partner to brands and agencies. We help financial services marketers engage and empower their customers by executing creative ideas to produce more content across more channels, faster and within budget.

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