Four key themes from Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity


Oct 03 2019

Tag in partnership with our sister company, Smoke and Mirrors, recently sponsored Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity in Singapore. The festival brought together the finest creative thinkers and doers from around the world for three days of inspiration, learning, networking and celebration.

This year the festival theme reflected the transformational shift that the Asia creative industry is going through, showcased some of the region’s most exceptional work and deconstructed APAC’s creative ecosystem. Content from the event covered a range of topics, and there were some common themes that traced through the festival – here are the four key themes we took away from the event:

1. The future of branded content is short

On social it’s all about creating branded content that engages, inspires and gives back to the consumer. It is no longer good enough to upload 30-second long videos plugging a brand, research suggests that the optimal duration for video content is between 6 and 12 seconds before the consumer starts to lose attention.

How to videos are becoming increasingly popular and are powerful brand promotion tools– with brands realizing that you can no longer just overtly sell to the consumer you need to offer them something more. The value in encouraging consumers to share their own videos was also highlighted.

2. No point in diversity without inclusion

Recently we have seen a prolific rise in cause marketing – but this has also shed light on an inauthentic truth that has seen some brands stray far from the purpose and values that have underpinned their brand for years.

Brands need to be respectful of consumer needs and identify the challenges they face, ensuring that they answer these with their products and services. It is also incredibly important that brands don’t stray far from the values that underpin their brand. Brands need to make sure that the causes they support are aligned with their values and relate to the purpose of their business, they must commit to a cause that extends further than just a single campaign.

3. Innovation not for innovations sake

To effectively innovate you need to understand what matters to and motivates your customers. Using in-depth research to understand why they make decisions is key to ensuring that the innovation you invest in is worthwhile. It is no good creating new products just because you can, if you want to move the needle then you must put the customer at the center of everything you do – and spending resource on research is hugely helpful to achieve this.

4. The rise of the 365 experience

It’s nothing new, but it’s more important than ever – brands must create multi-channel experiences. The modern consumer seeks an immersive 365 experience that transcends devices and locations. Yes, brands can have a big idea, and these remain central to creating impactful brand missions, but brands need to think about how these ideas translate across channels so that the consumer can interact with a brand wherever they are.

Need help creating a 365 experience? At Tag our world-class craftsmanship and range of techniques will turn your great ideas into high-impact creative assets that always make your brand stand out across channels.

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