How brand marketers are using CGI to replace film and photo shoots during COVID-19 lockdowns


Apr 01 2020

Social distancing, in response to COVID-19 means that on location shoots from feature films to product launches are cancelled or on hold. How can brands continue to create engaging digital content?

Executive Creative Director, Jay Harwood from our creative production team at Taylor James (a Tag company), weighs in on what brands can do now to replace on location shoots and produce digital content that engages consumers.

“During this time of crisis and disruption, we are seeing content consumed in a range of ways that inspires new, thoughtful approaches to marketing,” explains Jay Harwood, Executive Creative Director, Taylor James. “CGI and animation allow brands to develop engaging media in any economic condition.”

Using CGI to adapt, amplify and create. Jay Harwood comments.

Adaptation: Creating new from existing

Understandably we have to be considerate of large groups like film crews coming together. For the near future we’re seeing brands look at their previous material and we are currently solutioning digital versions of print campaigns with CGI shots or additions that create a fresh new narrative or reframe existing messaging. This is a solution that is brilliantly effective visually, cost efficient and fast.

Amplification: Creating more with less

Once a product or environment has been created in CGI we can create multiple compositions from that same scene much like a film shoot only with wider capabilities – there is no limit on the ability to build more from existing, to repurpose, and to format to fit any and all channels. Watch this:

Creating new from nothing

Digital environments remove the restrictions of live photo or film shoots, allowing creatives to break down guardrails. With this approach, the opportunities are limitless and in many cases more cost effective, which is something to consider during a time when marketing budgets are being reduced. We have a library of images built specifically for motion. Combine these images with our CGI and digital animation capabilities to build something entirely new with the possibility of more depth, dimension, emotion and action than a live shoot.

How the current state of play is creating a new shopper experience

The drastic change in the buyer journey is forcing marketers to create a new shopper experience. The ability to actually “try” a product before purchasing is on hold, and brand marketers must fast-track a way to let the buyer experience a product pre-purchase, in-home. We are working with our clients to create an interactive augmented reality experience in-home using CGI. This will give the buyer the most real-life virtual shopping experience to-date.

At Tag, we are experts in creative production. We work with brands and agencies to help marketers stretch their “big idea” across markets and regions, formats and delivery channels, making sure the right content reaches the right audience, with speed and agility.

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