Tag joins call on UK Prime Minister to create socially just and green recovery from Covid-19


Jun 10 2020

Tag joins call on UK Prime Minister to create socially just and green recovery from Covid-19

  • Leaders of more than 100 renowned companies, charities, universities, and trade associations call on the UK Government to ensure the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are at the heart of UK Covid-19 recovery plans
  • The Sustainable Development Goals provide us with a blueprint to end poverty and inequality, and put health, wellbeing and job creation at the heart of Covid-19 recovery plans in the UK
  • The UK is performing well on 24% of the Sustainable Development Goal targets, and could enhance this if they were used to frame the UK’s recovery from Covid-19

David Kassler, CEO Tag, joined signatories to a letter sent to the Prime Minister on Tuesday 9th June calling on the UK government to use the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to frame Covid-19 recovery plans.

It asks that the SDGs be used ‘used to consolidate and future-proof [recovery] plans’ and goes on to recommend that they are used to:

  1. Prioritise the most vulnerable in our society and level-up regional and societal inequalities
  2. Build coherent policies for a healthy planet and to aid the transition to net zero
  3. Unite all sectors behind a plan to build a stronger and more resilient economy

David Kassler, CEO Tag commented:  “Whilst Covid-19 has had a severe impact on society, it has proved that pollution can be reduced and vulnerable groups can be given greater levels of support. The UK Government must use the SDG Agenda to ensure these gains are not lost and that the opportunity for change is taken.  As a marketing services provider we will take every opportunity to communicate the need for change to a better future, in combination with our people, our clients and our suppliers.”

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