Tag Receives Bronze Award at Shop! Outstanding Merchandising Achievement (OMA) Awards


May 11 2021

We are pleased to announce a bronze award for creating “excellent displays that set the merchandising and precedents of today,” at the 2021 Shop! Awards. Tag, in partnership with InnoMark, was honored for the Smartwater New Flavors Launch Display for the Coca-Cola Company, in the category of food, temporary. 300 units were produced and featured in grocery chains across 21 states in the US.

As a creative production and sourcing leader in the retail and consumer space, Tag helps brands tell a story through marketing content creation and production, across print, digital and moving image. With specific retail expertise in visual merchandising solutions, Tag delivers exceptional online and in-store experiences, giving brands the tools to influence shopper decisions at the physical and virtual shelf.

Jeff Davis, Senior Innovation Lead, Tag comments: “The objective was to trigger the shopper’s senses through a spa/Zen experience. A multisensory in-store destination was achieved utilizing programmed LED color mood lighting with a sequential back-lit slow glow behind the rectangular header elements. The lighting effect radiated onto the display with a custom color corresponding to each new flavor. Both the light and audio multisensory effects were deployed with a motion sensor upon the approach of shoppers. The display was easy to assemble and telescoped to span over either one or two pallets.”

Ajit Kara, CEO, Tag Americas comments: “This award is a great example of the way we work collaboratively with our clients to offer solutions that combine great creative with sourcing and structural engineering to build displays, virtual and physical, that engage consumers and convert sales, both in-store and online.”

Tag helps retail and consumer brands stand out and sell more by delivering exceptional shopper experiences across all formats and channels. Find out more.

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