Top challenges facing CMOs now


Oct 10 2019

By Ajit Kara, CEO Americas

Survey finds marketing leaders spend 68.5% of their time managing the present instead of preparing for the future. Is there a better way?

The CMO Survey released in August 2019, produced by Deloitte, Duke Fuqua and American Marketing Association revealed that marketing leaders spend more than two-thirds of their time “managing the present versus preparing for the future of marketing” in their company.

Responders also cited “coordinating disparate aspects of the organization to design, manage, deliver, and monitor the customer experience” as one of their biggest competitive challenges.

We hear this all the time from CMOs who are juggling both internal teams and agencies while trying to meet deadlines, measure ROI and manage the evolving digital landscape. The demand for more content, across complex and dynamic delivery channels, at an unprecedented quality, leaves senior-level marketers spending too much time managing day-to-day tasks instead of focusing on the high-level strategic work that drives growth – the future. Whether it is back-to-back meetings, responding to last-minute requests, overseeing brand, managing internal processes, or coordinating with various siloed departments and resources, everyday tactics are detracting from delivering strategies that drive revenue.

We understand these challenges and help solve these problems by working alongside brand marketers and their agencies. Here are three ways we transform marketing execution to show measurable results, while giving senior-level marketers more time to focus on the future.

Reimaging internal creative production to increase speed to market by 60%. For a global pharmaceutical brand, we improved internal marketing production process by assessing and allocating resources and assigning the right level of dedicated specialized talent to each task. This resulted in a 24% cost savings and increased speed-to-market.

 Streamlining internal process and implementing technology to reduce individual job costs by 40%. We helped a fortune 100 to deliver marketing content across more channels and to a wider range of target audiences in a quarter of the amount of time as they were previously spending, while consolidating systems by 40:1 and significantly reducing individual job costs.

Transforming workflow process to document savings of more than 30%, while improving brand consistency and quality. We improved a disparate workflow process for a leading toy manufacturer and became the single source for marketing procurement. The shift in process increased control and consistency, documented savings and improved supplier compliance.

At Tag, our priorities are our clients and our people. We bring the two together to face challenges in marketing head-on and develop custom solutions that significantly improve these challenges.

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