What can FMCG brands and retailers do to win at retail?


Apr 16 2019

We regularly talk with FMCG brands and retailers who struggle to meet the fast-changing behaviors of today’s shoppers.  Navigating this complex world of customer experience will always be a challenge, but there are many strategies that brands and retailers can deploy to ensure they create innovative, insight-driven and digitally enabled experiences to win at retail.

So, what can FMCG brands and retailers do to enhance in-store experience and ultimately stand out and sell more?

  1. Avoid the trap of a fragmented approach

To get the maximum effectiveness and great stand-out, you need insight feeding great design and joined up execution. We see a world where quite often this planning and execution workflow is fragmented, but organizations that are joining up this fragmented landscape are reaping the rewards.

  1. Real consumer insights are more important than just data

Data is everywhere and to be able to fully utilize the power of data, you need a partner that can make sense of it all. Turning data into insight that can help drive shopper engagement across channels is critical to winning at retail. It is important that brands look further afield than just the data available to them in-store, with social listening highlighted as a key strategy to deploy to help measure sentiment, analyze interest and increase visibility.

  1. Digital POSM (point-of-sale materials) reign supreme

All aspects of life today are digitalized from voice in the home to the way we buy and consume products and services, and shoppers expect the same when they go in-store. With digital in-store solutions becoming more accessible, it is little wonder why it is becoming an attractive sustainable marketing method. Being able to update content based on time of day, environmental changes and geo-location make digital difficult to ignore as part of any traditional in-store strategy – and it is environmentally friendly too!

  1. Great content is key for omni-channel retail toolkits and assets

As brands and retailers begin to understand better the data they have and turn it into meaningful insights, it is critical to adopt a content-led approach to designing and creating omni-channel retail toolkits and assets. This approach will deliver consistency across retail channels, deeper shopper engagement and enhance the O2O retail experience.

  1. Mastering insights to drive seamless experience

The industry needs to get better at understanding the effectiveness of in-store materials. By observing shoppers in-store we can gain valuable insight into what is driving their purchase decisions. This qualitative data can be combined with hard-data points and other insights to develop predictive in-store campaign plans routed in proven effectiveness. Brands and retailers that are doing this are winning at retail.

At Tag it is our priority to help our clients stand out in the crowded retail space and help them sell more in the most productive way. We work on retail campaigns across channels for brands and retailers globally and as specialists in production, activation, sourcing and execution of strategy we know how to help our clients achieve their objectives to win.

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