Financial services marketers: Why more marketing vendors is not always a good thing.


Sep 08 2020

Kaylie Stansfield, Head of Marketing Americas, tells how streamlining your mix of marketing vendors can create a more flexible and agile solution for short-and long-term goals.


Marketers know that, in times of crises or change, right sizing a marketing organization can be challenging, especially when your legacy mix includes insourcing, outsourcing, onshoring and offshoring. What works today, may not work for you tomorrow.

Here is a great example of how we helped a leading provider of retail banking and retirement services right-size their marketing organization.

They wanted to reduce overhead and streamline creative production and sourcing workflows to create a more agile and efficient marketing organization. We had been working with this client for about seven years and witnessed their pain points, firsthand. They were managing several agencies and partners on small, transactional creative production work without the right mix of resources to move them into the future – to shift from traditional to digital.

Together, we reviewed their workflows and internal and external resources and agreed that decoupling was the best approach to achieve this objective.

We created a centralized production hub of Tag talent at the client’s location, meaning, their legacy marketing team now has on-site, immediate access to a full team of creative production and sourcing specialists who already know their business. And when needed, the client has access to Tag’s entire global network of creative production talent.

For this client, partnering with Tag meant they could create a flexible and agile solution to fit their short- and long-term strategy. And we love being part of their team.

Tag is the global creative production and sourcing partner to brands and agencies. We help financial services marketers engage and empower their customers by executing creative ideas to produce more content across more channels, faster and within budget.

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