LBB’s Ben Conway and Nisna Mahtani speak to colourists from the UK and US about how the changing of the seasons inspires their work, including our very own Mark Horrobin, Head Colourist at Tag Collective Arts.

Call it fall or autumn, as the seasons change they provide a constant stream of inspiration for visual artists around the world. With that in mind, LBB’s Ben Conway and Nisna Mahtani asked colourists from the US and UK the following question:

Fall/autumn – arguably the most beautiful season on the calendar – is just around the corner. Obviously, there are plenty of ways to get creative inspiration by looking at screens, but where do you look in the natural world? How do the real colours – with fall/autumn colours in mind – and lighting of the Earth influence your work?

We also asked for an autumnal photo from each of the colourists which has inspired their work – or a shot from a project they worked on, that was inspired by the season.

Mark Horrobin, Head Colourist at Tag Collective Arts

My childhood has definitely influenced the way I appreciate the world around me. Growing up on a farm in outback Australia, I was surrounded by endless horizons, vast blue skies, and, very often, parched earth. There is a particular quality to the light in the southern hemisphere that is beautifully captured by early Australian artists like Frederick McCubbin, Elioth Gruner and Hans Heysen.

I guess this is why I so much enjoy grading projects set in epic landscapes. The way light can kick off a granite rock face or a silvery birch tree can make or break an image, these kinds of details are what I love to explore.

While light is paramount, good imagery is nothing without texture, and nature also delivers here. I currently live in the mountains surrounded by woods. Every day is a different painting. From dark clouds hugging the mountain tops, to the endless multitude of green tones marching to meeting the sky on a sunny day. I draw huge inspiration from the seasonal shift in light and texture of the landscape.

Sunlit dew punching through the mist on a winter’s morning. Mountains blanketed with Spring wildflowers. Parched sun kissed fields after the harvest. Autumnal leaves on the wind. These are the things that nourish my soul, and undoubtedly provide inspiration for my work.

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