We are excited to launch the first in our new series of Tag Masterclasses – bite-sized films fronted by our experts that cover a variety of topics within production, with the aim to lift the lid on different areas of creativity, production and sourcing through insightful content.


We launch the series with a masterclass from Tag Collective Arts Chief Creative Officer, Gary Szabo.


“Invisible effects – how to really get the best out of your post-production partner” draws focus away from high-end visual effects and focus on the benefits of properly partnering with post-production. A multitude of problems can be solved before a script is signed off if you have the right partners in place, and we will show you how to get your ideas made on budget without unnecessary creative compromise.


Watch the masterclass below and keep an eye out every month for the latest in the series – which for October will be a focus on ‘The Mysteries of Transcreation’ by Rik Grant, Head of World Writers.