Transforming powerful
ideas into
visual reality.

Tag puts the motion into emotion. With full-service post-production capabilities informed by award-winning specialists in each discipline, we help clients transform creative thought into visual reality for the advertising, film and music industries.

Shoot management

End-to-end production never had reach quite like this… in a time where the boundaries of media types are in the greatest sense of flux, Tag helps join all the dots. Enabling you to work with a global pool of directors, both tried-and-tested and up-and-coming, to find the right talent to make your content shine, seamlessly in any market. Here, there, anywhere.

“Content creation is a team effort. Finding brilliant directors and putting the best possible team around them guarantees brilliant work” – Gary Szabo

Gary Szabo


Whether for moving image or stills, for content that truly connects, our award-winning team of VFX artists will both collaborate and challenge in equal measure. With specialists in every discipline – world class colourists, CGI artists, sound designers and compositors – we ensure every vision is realised and is the best it can possibly be. From helping plan your shoot to delivering cutting-edge creative, our network of nine global studios has the vision, the attitude and the reach to bring every idea to life.

“This is the art of the possible” – Mark Horrobin

Content creation

Our in-house production teams devise, develop and deliver powerful ideas and engaging content across all media outputs. From our unparalleled roster of creatives, directors and photographers managing live action shooting, to our CGI artists creating photoreal products and 3D campaigns for some of the world’s best-known brands.

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Audio (Sound design)

It’s the little things that make the difference. The slightest sound can dramatically change the way we perceive things and award momentum to visual ideas. With limited time to tell a story you need all the craft available. Sound design will get you there. Let Tag help move you, with sound effects that can second any emotion.

“Sound is the arbiter of all of our senses” – Scott Little

Audio (music composition)

Music and how we interact with it has changed. As the search for information transfers from our eyes to our ears, the importance of brands being heard is critical to their survival. Life revolves around its own soundtrack after all, and we don’t just need to move like Jagger, but sound like him too. So set the soundtrack the way you need it with custom music for any scene and sector. Snappy, springy, quirky, dreamy – luxurious soundscapes to settle into like an audio armchair. Whether you need to crank it loud or simply enjoy the silence. Punctuate with music and speak volumes. Boom. Impact delivered. Minds blown.

“Light is how we remember a space. Sound is how we remember a time” – Jake Buckley

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Voice over (VO)

When you stand up to speak, your voice is your most powerful asset. That voice must echo clearly and charismatically across every region it touches, and to hit the right notes you’ll need to make sure you have the right partner to make it happen. Tag helps clients find their voice, in every way – from sourcing the right talent from our global network of voice over artists, through to our in-house production capabilities that help deliver a seamless end-to-end experience for casting, securing, recording and editing audio. We’ll pull out all the stops to ensure that your voice is heard above the din.

“As digital communication moves from our eyes to our ears, voice over is elevated to a really powerful tool” – Liam Morris


When you need razor-sharp imagery, you need cultivated and curated talent. Tag handles art buying, stills shoot production, re-touching and the supply of all artwork and key visuals to help you find that elusive glass slipper. A bespoke experience for bespoke engagements. Walk in. Turn heads. Walk out. Done.

“I just love making things happen” – Amanda Wallis

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4 deodorant cans from 4 different markets

TRANSCREATION Culturally considered, locally executed. Adapting concepts, not just words, to ensure brands generate the desired impact wherever a message might travel to.

CULTURAL CONSULTATION Helping brands and agencies qualify ideas before they become ideas. We channel on-the-ground insight to sense-check and assess cultural suitability to ensure local fit for global audiences.

TRANSLATION Whatever field, whatever language. We provide high-quality, accurate and timely translation solutions for a wide array of market specializations, utilising best-in-class CAT technology to deliver time and cost efficiencies.

COPY ORGINATION Bespoke copywriting solutions, working directly into the target language of your choice. Speak straight to your audience, for when you need to be more local than local. Sophisticated copy, easily done.

“Tag energises brands to stand tall, and to boldly go where no brand has gone before. With truly global reach applied from ideation through to content adaptation, we can make sure your brand is warmly received and stylishly welcomed. Wherever it deigns to go.” – Rik Grant