Supplier governance and compliance.

De-risking to deliver excellence.

Our sector-specific experts do the heavy lifting for you, ensuring compliance across the end-to-end supply chain.

Supplier Qualification
All suppliers undergo a thorough risk-based vetting process. We work with suppliers to agree terms of service, quality levels, non-disclosure conditions and compliance with our own Code of Conduct, ensuring we continually deliver the best price and quality for our clients.


Audit Process
Our comprehensive audit process tracks labour standards, quality, health & safety, environment, colour management and business continuity, substantiated by thorough document review and inspection of supplier facilities. Our processes are continually reassessed to reflect changing requirements, regulations and market conditions.

Regulatory Requirements
We bridge the gap between your brand and your suppliers to ensure compliant output, ensuring that all stakeholders can work within the parameters of current and future regulatory requirements.

Quality Assurance and Controls
We work with brands to implement customised processes and procedures that meet your specific needs. Several Tag sites are ISO 9001 certified, while our global governance processes fall within our Head Office certification.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
We help guide your business through turbulent times, implementing risk mitigation and business continuity plans from the outset to ensure that your operations run smoothly, whatever happens.