Our commitment to sustainability in 2020


Jan 22 2020

Tag is committed to adopting sustainable and socially responsible practices. We recognize that this is two-fold: how we operate as a standalone business and, how we can support our clients with their sustainability objectives. In 2020 we are focused on:

  • Signing up to the UN Global Compact as part of a shared responsibility worldwide
  • Ensuring the majority of our strategic vendors have been audited
  • Proactively proposing PVC alternatives to clients with the aim of eliminating PVC completely from marketing materials
  • Actively extending our FSC certification in our regions
  • Rolling out Ecovadis to our supply chain
  • Investing in resource and employees to support sustainable sourcing for our clients

Our CEO, David Kassler, has tasked our Chief People Officer, Deepti Velury, to be Tag’s sustainability champion. We believe that the combined efforts of our organization, our people, our clients and our suppliers can make a positive difference.

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