We’re one of the world’s largest independent marketing sourcing organizations. Our unmatched global buying power offers end-to-end service, across any market, sector or channel. We work with clear goals in mind: delivering cost savings and speed-to-market without sacrificing brand consistency.

Supplier strategy and contract negotiation

Optimizing vendor panels and relationships

A less than optimal vendor mix costs time and money. Mitigating that risk requires supplier and specialist category expertise not found in most procurement teams.

That’s where we come in. Our knowledge of suppliers runs deep and our experts understand a broad range of categories. Through data analysis and comparison across an array of suppliers we make sure you have a qualified, right-sized and well-negotiated vendor panel. You save money without sacrificing speed or quality.


On-going vendor management

Maintaining value and driving innovation

Our full panel of more than 1,000 cost-efficient, dependable and forward-thinking vendors provides full category coverage and minimizes risk. We channel 90% of spend through our preferred vendors to ensure we maintain a high level of influence on your behalf.

All suppliers must follow our exhaustive and market-leading audit process, covering financial stability, operational performance, quality, environment, security, color (ISO12647 where relevant), business continuity provisions and price competitiveness. We use these results as a baseline for ongoing audit, measurement and improvement.


Procurement operations

Ensuring on-going service improvement leads to cost savings

We take a proactive approach to the management of marketing procurement from concept to delivery. We re-engineer, streamline and digitize your existing print procurement process to maximize savings and efficiencies.  From supplier management and quality assurance to fulfillment and goods receipt, we continuously evolve processes to reflect changing requirements, regulations, market conditions and emerging technologies.


Quality assurance and compliance

Delivering value you can see

We track and measure all quality aspects – including color, materials, print and registration accuracy and provide transparent reporting of your work and our efforts.

We use a metrics-based process to manage supplier performance including job-by-job monitoring, price and service benchmarking, press and site inspections.


Sustainable sourcing and reporting

Reducing carbon footprints

We collaborate with our supplier network globally to support their goals to reduce the environmental impact of their products. Our corporate responsibility performance is monitored and assessed by rating agencies and other independent institutions.



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