A smarter way to deliver marketing production

For life sciences marketers, speed to market is about outpacing themselves and also competitors, in order to get life-saving medicines into patients’ hands as quickly as possible. However, with the growing number of marketing channels, data availability, stringent regulations and increasing patient empowerment, the marketing process is becoming more complex. To effectively deliver more content across every channel, in every market, on-time, brand marketers are having to partner with more and more specialist agencies and suppliers. The result? A web of fragmented agencies and local suppliers operating without consistent processes, control or cost transparency. This makes it almost impossible to get the most out of marketing budgets, let alone deliver on time.

  • The Challenge

    More agencies and suppliers mean more touchpoints and more places for misstep and error. The medical review process heightens this risk and impedes timely production and in-market delivery.

    To top it all off, consider the impact managing all these touchpoints has on brand marketing teams. Time that should be spent on strategic marketing activities is now being spent managing internal and external relationships, administrative tasks such as quality control, approvals and brand consistency.

    Progressive life science companies are rethinking their marketing model. They are unlinking the production of creative assets and campaigns from their agencies and unifying workstreams into an end-to-end managed process run by life sciences production specialists.

  • Our solution

    We combine expertise in highly-regulated markets and cultural insights with end-to-end creative production, strategic sourcing and fulfilment. Our processes and technology transforms your production model and streamlines the way you work with agencies and suppliers.

    Our promise is simple. We help life sciences brands drive growth and reduce cost through asset reuse, localization and quick in-market delivery. We stand by this promise with data-driven, transparent processes that align with brand strategy and budgets.

    Life sciences marketers who partner with us for outsourced production save an average of 30% of their budget and 25% of marketers’ time – freeing them to focus on high value activities. In one example, we reduced the product launch time from six months to just a few weeks.

  • Get started using our tool kit

    • We conduct a feasibility study to understand your agency and supplier landscape and the benefits of outsourcing creative production
    • We undertake an opportunity assessment using our benchmarks to uncover specific savings and process efficiency potential
    • We’ll develop a business case to help build internal consensus around challenges and potential solutions