Building agile point-of-sale marketing supply chains

The rise of online retail has transformed the consumer shopping experience. Even so, brick and mortar remains a significant channel for retailers and brands worldwide. Even “Gen Z” buyers–the most digitally engaged of all consumer groups still have a strong preference for in-store shopping. Today’s consumers are experience hungry and savvy shoppers, making it even more challenging to grab their attention in-store.

  • Challenges

    Creating distinctive assets that reach consumers and refresh brand-linked memories consistently in all media is no easy feat. The in-store experience must match other channels in creativity and message to create a seamless customer experience. That means innovative point-of-sale marketing material needs to reach stores on-time, be installed easily and fit with the physical requirements of each store.

    Missing that mark is not uncommon. On average, thirty percent of all point-of-sale marketing material is never installed. That type of wasted spend is just one reason marketers are looking to understand the details of their cost base and drive continual improvements across their point-of-sale marketing process.

  • Our capabilities

    We transform the way brands and retailers execute in-store marketing by being data informed, innovative, design orientated and digitally enabled. We link retail understanding with shopper insights, point-of-sale marketing design and effectiveness tracking to create the right mix of in-store marketing to drive sales, everywhere, around the world.

    We’re obsessed with driving efficiencies across the point-of-sale marketing supply chain. We ensure budgets are focused on activating effective point-of-sale marketing materials. Our strategic sourcing teams leverage our global buying power and vendor panel to deliver the most innovative displays at the best cost. Our retail teams measure and evaluate the compliance and effectiveness of in-store marketing materials and our automated workflows and data provide closed-loop transparency and reporting so that brands always know how their budgets are being spent.