Achieving best practice in sustainability and marketing production


  • Sustainable marketing practices
  • Delivered cost savings
  • Improved efficiencies


A leading global beauty brand whose core values are ethical practices and global sustainability, has over 1,500 stores in 47 countries with more than 400 different consumer products. They wanted to reduce costs while upholding their commitment to human rights, animal rights and environmental protection. They struggled to find a marketing production partner with a commitment to both brand and sustainability, which caused delays in production and, at times, unsustainable practices.

  • Challenges

    Global marketing production with multiple print suppliers and no central management system is costly and inefficient. The client found it difficult to produce the materials needed to sell products while staying true to their core sustainability values. Without the right partner in place, various suppliers led to creative errors, “re-working” of creative materials and an overspend of marketing dollars. The workflows in place were a drain on the environment as well as the client’s marketing budget.

  • Solution

    We created a customized end-to-end marketing production solution, lead by a centralized team of Tag creative experts. We consolidated the supplier base and vetted suppliers based on quality of work and sustainability. We also introduced a team to support transcreation and translation into local markets, expanding the company’s creative marketing reach. Our technology platform gave the client a transparent view into all marketing campaigns from start to finish, streamlining and controlling the entire marketing production process.