Tag revamps marketing production and increases speed-to-market for a multinational beauty manufacturer with a diverse brand portfolio.


  • Increased visibility
  • Streamlined process
  • Significant marketing spend savings
  • Asset management in real-time


A leading luxury beauty manufacturer and marketer needed to improve operational consistency across its competitive global brand portfolio to maintain its place in the market. The company’s portfolio of brands target skincare, makeup, fragrance and hair care. They rely intensively on marketing and point-of-sale marketing to define their brands, retain a loyal customer base and drive sales.

  • Challenges

    How can you establish operational consistency and best practice in marketing across more than 20 brands in different regions across the globe? The brand was tasked with carrying out both core and non-core marketing functions, internally, without significant resources or an optimal marketing production process in place. This led to a lack of marketing efficiency and poor brand control.

  • Solution

    We established an on-site account team within the various brands to take over non-core marketing functions. This helped to enhance efficiency and encourage sharing of best practices. For visibility into multiple campaigns and improved brand process management,  our dedicated team of experts created a technology platform that allows for real-time visibility into campaign development, specifications, spend and savings across multiple brands.

    We also established consistent protocol across all participating brands for briefing, P2P (path to purchase) processes and SLAs (service level agreements). In doing so, our team of experts became the gatekeepers of brand governance, allowing us to oversee the supplier management process which ensures improvements in brand control.

Real-time visibility into campaign development, specifications, spend and savings across multiple global brands and regional campaigns.