Increasing customer conversion rates through multimedia app


  • Greater data insights
  • 3.3 million impressions
  • 25k clicks


A global health insurance company was using a manual solution to provide insurance quotes. The existing approach to the process method included a quote request, a follow up price and a live phone call. The delay between these steps resulted in missed conversion opportunities, making it difficult to increase clients buying insurance.

  • Challenges

    The traditional process for providing an insurance quote did not meet the on-demand needs of our client’s target customers who generally wanted an immediate quote. The request to quote process was slow and inefficient, resulting in low conversion rates. The client lacked the technology to better engage and assist prospective clients and was looking for ways to improve the process.

  • Solution

    To help the client increase conversion rates and meet consumer demands, Tag built a digital insurance calculator that allowed customers to enter relevant personal information and receive an estimated quote, with noted savings, in real-time. To optimize the customer experience, we built a virtual assistant “Ella,” who guides customers through the journey and prompts the final step of speaking with a live specialist to purchase a client’s chosen plan. This popular digital tool is optimized for both desktop and mobile, is multilingual and can be easily shared on social media.

Engaging health insurance customers in real-time, across all digital platforms.